Women’s Empowerment in the sports world !!!

Aren’t you tired of the negative stereotypes of viewing women not being able to collaborate yet, being in continuous competition with each other in order to WIN?  

Is this who we really are as Women ? Is this how the world defines us ?

Women benefit from the empowerment of collaboration over competition. 

However, we need to remember that … 

When it comes to women’s empowerment there is no space for competition or comparison. We must collaborate to see value in ourselves and our fellow women’s potential and diverse abilities.

We must believe in educating ourselves and exploring our divine feminine energy, so we can uplift our spirits to overcome the patriarchal rooted woes of low self esteem that prevents us from gaining courage to explore our pursuit of happiness within our professional careers and various roles within our community. 

At times, empowerment begins with a simple practice of „fixing a woman’s crown” so she can see herself in a much brighter light. When you cultivate such affirming practices the transformation begins and this is where the magic happens . 

When she begins her own journey of nourishing her authenticity, she will also start believing in herself and her ability to exist and be successful.

There is no doubt that she will be ready to rise from the ashes like a truly empowered Woman within any role within her community and/or career.  

This is how I see you, dear Woman. 

Let’s start this process together through collaboration and unity.


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