" Be unapologetically strong "


I know you see me…


– Daria Mieloszyńska –


Women in the men’s dominated occupations are barely exiting and if they make their appearance, there are often considered distraction. Women are not distracting working places !!!They just want to be visible and even farther, they want to be unapologetically strong !!!
We don’t want to get a job because we are pretty edition to the organization or company , but because we are qualified to add value to these working places .

I am considered the first female coach that’s been hired in the men’s league in Poland and by all the respect to those who gave me a chance in this men’s world, I do not feel just like a addition, substitute, or replacement. However, I feel like a pioneer and a true ambassador of my country with the responsibility on my shoulders to make working places available for next generation of young women. To this point in Poland , we do not have any head coaching position for women in the women’s professional league. To make it clear, I will write it again; The women’s professional League!!!
However, my world changed and it blowed minds of many when I stepped on the court in the men’s league for the first time in history …
Yes sir, in the men’s league !!!

World changes, and our minds also need to switched to start evolution to see women and their abilities to perform and be equally good. We just need a platform and willingness for collaboration on your part.

I want to continue my journey ( and you can do it too ) to be unapologetically strong in the men’s world in the name of those females who did it and made it before me . Also for others who never have a courage or platform to do so. And finally for those women who are doing it now flawlessly and divine to create a footprints for next generations of visible women.

I AM VISIBLE; therefore, I will humbly consider every *possibility* that’s comes my way to truly represent Women in the sports industry.
I will tap into the best of my abilities to continue this journey of being a Head Coach to add value to any athletic global organization that I join.




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University of Texas Alumni

    • University of Texas Alumni

 Former Euroleague Professional Basketball Player

    • Former Euroleague Professional Basketball Player

Former Basketball National Team Member

    • Former Basketball National Team Member

First Female Head Basketball Coach for Men's Team in Poland

    • First Female Head Basketball Coach for Men’s Team in Poland

Nominated to 2020 Greater Peoria Hall of Fame Former Athlete

    • Nominated to 2020 Greater Peoria Hall of Fame Former Athlete


CEO at WIT Elite Athletics, Peoria IL, USA ( 2012-present )





CEO at MBA Project Association, Poland ( Aug 2012- present )




Athletic Director of Basketball Club 23′






Program Creator like ” W Zespole Siła ” Program, basketball program for kids with disabilities