Women’s Empowerment

” When it comes to women’s empowerment there is no space for competition or comparison. We must collaborate to see value in ourselves and our fellow women’s potential and diverse abilities. Let’s start this process together through collaboration and unity „

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Program designed for:
  • Women in the sports industry and any other professional field 
  • Future and current Women Coaches working in the sports industry
  • Women ready to rise from „its own ashes” to pursuit professional careers
  • Anyone who is about progress to create gender equality for women in the sports industry 



 lectures covering different subjects related to social changes,  training and professional development for women, Women’s empowerment and role of women in sports industry. 


  • promoting women’s sense of self-worth 
  • confidence, awareness, and leadership in the sports world 
  • mental preparation for sports industry   
  • healthy balance between competing and resting  
  • women’s role in the sports industry  
  • why me ? why not ? 
  • marketing practices and enterprise development that empower women  etc. 


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    * Fees vary dependant on the location, time commitment and the content required. Please contact us to find out more! DARIA is willing to travel for events outside of POLAND, schedule dependent. However, travel and accommodation costs must be covered by the client.